EP 04 – Who Needs A Maid When I’ve Got You?! How to Manage a Home Together

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How do you manage who takes care of what at home? Are you a “Susie Homemaker” or are you bringing home the bacon? Or both? Modern marriages mean that sometimes those gender roles no longer apply.

In this episode, we discuss how we we divide up the chores in our households are why it works for us. Sometimes that means the hubby does the laundry while we manage the finances. But however it’s broken down, finding a system that works can sometimes be a big challenge!

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Flo Chardonnay – Flo Wine describes its Chardonnay as “a well-balanced, fruit forward wine“. With floral notes and lemon zest, the first thing we noticed was it’s “toasty oak” aroma.

For us red drinkers, the taste was a pleasant surprise. This is a white we’d actually drink again! Find more wines we sip on over on The Wine List.

Sasha’s Take:

For pretty much their entire relationship Sasha has been the one bringing home the bacon and managing the finances. And she’ll keep it real and tell you she’s horrible at doing those typical “housewife” duties. In fact, before she was married and lived on her own, she even had a cleaning service! She will readily recognize her laziness and own that she doesn’t like to clean.

Sasha wishes she could be more of homemaker since she loves to bake and entertain friends but her hubby is actually the one who does most of the cooking and cleaning. He is a much neater person who sweeps every day and even gets Stokely in on the action.

Shara’s Take:

Shara’s hubby grew up as the oldest of four and he pretty much bucks against that on a daily basis – which means he was a pretty messy person when they first met. But he knew how to keep the kitchen and bathroom clean which is really all that matters!

Shara is the main cook because it’s really part of her self-care. She loves throwing down in the kitchen so she’s right at home cooking up meals and having her own Top Chef moments! She also considers herself the cleaner of the two but they often split most of the household duties including their finances.

The Takeaways:

When it boils down to it, tackling who does what really depends on what works for you and your partner and what those expectations are going into your marriage. For those men – being a women doesn’t mean that all of those domestic duties fall to them! Find your strengths and do what works well. Sometimes men are the better cooks and sometimes the ladies are better at handling the money.

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