EP 05 – But You Say She’s Just A Friend

“But you say she’s just a friend…”. In 2020 how do really feel about our partners having friends of the opposite sex? Some will say they have no problem with it while others insist that men and women can’t be “just friends”.

In this episode, we discuss why being open to your partner having opposite sex friendships can actually be a good thing for you and Sasha’s own struggle with being the only girl member of her friend group. 

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Josh Cellars Sauvignon Blanc – Josh describes this wine as “sunshine in a glass” and Shara and Sasha definitely agree. It’s described as “aromatic and bright with a crisp, clean finish” and features “flavors of lemon and kiwi and scents of green apple”.

Sasha and Shara really enjoyed this white wine. Not to sweet but still with a fruity taste, they can see it being the perfect summer drink or made into an amazing sangria! Find more wines we sip on over on The Wine List.

Sasha & Shara’s Point of View:

When it comes to the topic of having friends of the opposite sex, Sasha and Shara are on the same page! In fact, their friendship would not be possible without Sasha’s close friendship with Shara’s husband!

Sasha has been the girl member of her friend group for almost 20 years and it’s definitely come with its own set of challenges. Although she views her guy friends as nothing but her surrogate brothers, over the years their significant others have sometimes been uncomfortable with their relationship.

Shara has never seen a problem with Sasha being the only girl in the friend group and she was actually a little nervous when they first met because she thought it was important that Sasha liked her!

The Takeaways:

Sasha and Shara advocate for getting to know your partner’s friends regardless of the sex but especially if they are of the opposite sex of your partner. Those friends can sometimes be the biggest advocate for you and your relationship and really want nothing but their friends happiness. As with any relationship, trust in you partner is important and understanding their friendships can help mitigate arguments later down the road.

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