EP 07 – The Family We Choose – Shaping the In-Law Relationship

Parents…we’ve all got them. Having healthy relationships with our own parents can be a challenge but when they turn into in-laws…the whole game is flipped! What do you do when his mama really ain’t feeling your new role in his life. Or when your dad does the unexpected pop-up without notice?!

In this episode, we’re talking our relationships with our in-laws and how we manage the relationships we have with the folks that raised our partners. Everything from the good and bad, we’ve got it covered! 

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Dreaming Tree – Red Crush Blend – This Crush Red Blend is described as having “smoky berry and a pop of raspberry jam… with good mid-palate weight from the Merlot, ripe, jammy flavors from the Zinfandel, and dark fruit and structure from the Petite Sirah and Tannat.” This wine is definitely for the meat eaters. It’s not a heavy wine and is pretty balanced between sweet and dry. Shara doesn’t like raspberries but this is definitely a wine she (and Sasha) would have again.

About The Episode:

In this episode Sasha and Shara tackle that infamous in-law relationship. Both of the ladies are pretty lucky to have good relationships with their own in-laws. But they know that can sometimes be the exception to the norm.

Sasha found her love of wine through her mother-in-law, but also witnessed how a negative in-law relationship can affect a marriage through her own mom’s relationship with her grandmother. After the death of her father, that negative relationship created drama that rippled throughout her family and fundamentally changed the relationship Sasha has with her grandmother.

Shara has been lucky to be welcomed into her husbands family as their second daughter. Through good communication there has been relatively few disagreements. In fact, she evens says her husband has a great relationship with her family and they’ve both managed to blend pretty well into their extended families.

The Takeaways:

There’s nothing more important than setting those boundaries early with your future in-laws. Above all, decide what you want that relationship to look. Unless truly warranted, don’t try to stop your partner from being a part of their own family. Most importantly, keep those small disagreements in your own household. We all know our parents only want the best for us and it’ll be hard them to look past those negative things your partner may be doing.

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