EP 11 – The Ties That Bind Us – Breaking Generational Curses

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Growing up how often did you hear “We’ve always done it this way” without ever really knowing why. In many families, the way we parent, even the way were are as people, is passed down from generation to generation without explanation. Only tradition.

In this episode, Shara’s husband Brandon joins us as we talk breaking those generational curses. We’re talking everything from why we want to make better health decisions to how we want to parent our sons.Β 

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Ruby Red RosΓ© with Grapefruit – This Grapefruit RosΓ© is described as having a “youthful pink hue, [with] the beautiful grapefruit bouquet [that] jumps from the glass followed by a thirst-quenching explosion of juicy fruits with an elegant touch of sweetness and a refreshing grapefruit finish.” The consensus is that this would work good in a champagne or frozen with fruit. It’s more like a juice than a wine.

About the Episode:

This week Sasha and Shara, along with special guest Brandon (aka Shara’s husband!) talk all about the generational curses they didn’t even realize they had and how they are trying to change them. For example, Sasha’s two biggest battles are rethinking what healthy eating is and getting her husband to show more affection to their son.

On the other hand, Shara and Brandon are working to teach their son how to have healthy emotions and being able to express them. Likewise, Brandon also struggles with how to break his own family out of destructive health habits.

The Takeaways:

Most people don’t even realize that they may have learned things that from their parents that aren’t the healthiest. Growing up, we are told that this is the way we do things, and as a result, that’s very rarely questioned. To sum up, generational curses can sometimes be so embedded in us, that we don’t realize how they affect us. Learning what those curses are can help us not pass them on to our own children.

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