EP 12 – Becoming…Mama – Our Stories on Becoming Moms

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Even through nine months of pregnancy, we’re never really prepared for that moment when we become moms. As in…labor. Every woman experiences childbirth differently and no matter how many classes you take or women you talk to, you ultimately have no idea what your experience will be like.

In this episode, we’re talking the stories of how we became moms – our sons birth stories. We’re keeping it real and telling you all those things you might not expect about all the moments leading up to becoming moms. 

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Old Westminster Winery – Rev (5th Edition) – We were lucky enough to be gifted this wine from the local Old Westminster Winery in New Windsor, Maryland and we were thoroughly impressed! Although we tasted the 5th Edition Rev, the 6th Edition is described with “vibrant aromas, smooth texture, silky tannins and a lingering finish. The aromas are fruit driven while the palate turns more savory with notes of sage and basil. Crafted with minimal intervention and aged in French oak barrels for eighteen months.” Sasha snuck in a taste before Shara during a date night with her hubs and she can confirm, it is an excellent dinner wine!

About the Episode:

This week Sasha and Shara are diving deep into the day they became mothers…literally. Both ladies had vastly different experiences which is common for every woman. No two stories are the same.

For Sasha, Stokely came early and quickly! Stokely came at 37 weeks and Sasha was only in labor for about four hours! Although her labor went quickly, there were a lot of things that she didn’t expect. Like the fact that you keep leaking after your water breaks!

For Shara, Brenden decided to cook a little longer. When she went to the hospital for what she thought would be a routine visit, she ended up with an unplanned, non-emergency c-section!

The Takeways:

The ladies of Swirl and Sip thought it was important to share their own birth stories because so many women have no idea what to expect! Even with birthing classes and listening to family and friends, it’s hard to predict what that special day will be like.

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