EP 13 – Where My Girls At – Having a Mom Tribe

EP 13 - Where My Girls At - Having a Mom Tribe- Photo of Friends -www.swirlandsippodcast.com

Having “mom tribes” can be one of the key things that help you get through motherhood. Ladies who have been or are in the same space as you can serve as a sounding board, coach, or sometimes just your wine buddy. And they don’t always have to be moms! Our single friends can be a lifeline to the world we use to know!

In this episode, we’re talking all about our mom tribes – the friends who hold us down, lift us up, and drink wine with us when we need a moment. Our ladies help trough all the moments of motherhood.

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Beringer Bros Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon – With #TheRona upon us, we decide to make the month of April “Red Wine” Month. We started with the Beringer Bros which “is bursting with aromas of ripe black cherry, dark chocolate, and vanilla.” The ladies definitely thought that it had the bourbon smell and it came in at a solid 14.5% ALC (alcohol by volume) which you know makes it a must-drink! Sasha and Shara can confirm that it is an excellent dinner wine!

About the Episode

This week Sasha and Shara are recognizing the special ladies in their lives – their girls! Coincidentally, both Sasha and Shara’s mom tribes is one in the same (their wine night crew)! By happenstance, Sasha, Shara, and their friend Lisa were all pregnant together. Throw in their friend Candis that has a daughter the same age as Lisa’s oldest, and the #sits (sex in the suburbs as nicknamed by Sasha’s husband) sisters were born!

For Sasha, having a group of girl besties is something that’s relatively new but it’s been so needed. Sasha has made sure to dedicate time to both her mom friends and her single friends. For her, everything goes on a calendar and is planned ahead so no plans are ever missed.

Shara, on the other hand, has two mom tribes and both serve different purposes. While her #sits sisters are the more consistent of her friend group, her other girls don’t hesitate to grab her when she needs a break or wants a night out.

The Takeways:

Every woman needs her girls! Without mom tribes, Sasha and Shara would be lost! For both a getaway from the everyday life and as a shoulder to lean on when momming gets hard, mom tribes are a must-have for any mom at any stage in life.

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