EP 16 – I Do, You Don’t – Why Marriage Isn’t for Everyone

EP 16 - I Do, You Don't - Why Marriage Isn't for Everyone - www.creationsbysasha.com - Photo of wedding bouquet

We talk A LOT about marriage on this podcast – and hey, it’s because we’re both married. But marriage isn’t the goal for a lot of people and that is a perfectly valid thing! Forget the stigma, today’s it’s all about the #nomarriage club!

In this episode, we’re talking with special guest Marcus (aka Sasha’s best friend) about why he has decided marriage isn’t for him, and why it’s not something that sound necessarily be aspirational or mean that your any less of an adult if you choose not to peruse it. Love is love, no matter if there’s a ring involved or not!

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

Apothic Red – This week we’re sipping on two wines! The ladies are sipping one of their favorite blends – Apothic Red. Described as having “notes of black cherry and dark red fruit“, Apothic Red is actually one of Sasha and Shara’s go-to wines!

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon – Our guest Marcus finished out our month of drinking Cab Savs with this wine. According to Jacob’s Creek, this wine has “vibrant cassis aromas with mint, dark olive and caramel notes.” It’s our first wine that had flavors of olives but we were thoroughly impressed by Marcus’ selection.

About the Episode:

If you listened to episode five, you already know that Marcus is one of Sasha’s best friends. Growing up, there was never a doubt that Marcus would, at some point, get married. But after moving to “the big city” (also know as NYC), life experiences changed his perceptions on love and marriage.

Sasha and Shara both knew they would end up married (Sasha more than Shara). Marcus, being so much more of a realist, began questioning the purpose of marriage once we got out of college. After seeing some of his friends get married and some making the commitment without marriage, he decided marriage isn’t for him.

The Takeaways:

Every couple defines what commitment means to them. For some, that means a ring and a walk down the aisle. For others, it’s a pledge to each other without the piece of paper. No matter which you choose, as long as you’re both on the same page it’s right for you.

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