EP17 – Who Raised You?! – Learning Our Parenting Styles

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You’ve heard it before – there’s no handbook when it comes to raising kids. But what’s pretty consistent for most parents are their parenting styles. While there are pros and cons to each, learning which one you lean towards can help you understand what type of parent you are.

In this episode, we’re talking the five common parenting styles and where we think we fall. Everything from free-range parenting to attachment parenting, we’ve got opinions about them all!

What We’re Sipping on This Episode:

19 Crimes Shiraz – Since #TheRona is still keeping us in lock down, we had to record this episode separately – which means two wines! By happenstance, we’re both sipping on 19 Crimes with Shara choosing the Shiraz. The Shiraz is described as having “vanilla aromatics…balanced with ripe raspberry and plum fruits.” Shara agrees with that description and the 13.5% ABV makes it a great choice!

19 Crimes Red Blend – Sasha choose the Red Blend (coming in at a solid 15% ABV) which also has “vanilla aromatics [that] carry through on the palate and complement subtle flavors of chocolate and a cedar spice.” For a “slightly” sweeter wine, it’s more fruity than it is sweet. And even though Sasha isn’t a fan of sweet wines, she’s okay with this blend.

About the Episode:

This episode the ladies took a deep dive into the five parenting styles and which category they fall into. We all know the parenting doesn’t come with a manual so deciding the style that is right for you can sometimes be a challenge.

For both Sasha and Shara it’s all about finding a balance. Both ladies want their sons to grow up empowered in their feelings but believe boundaries are necessary and constructive.

Resources from this Episode:

Parenting Style Quiz
Five Type of Parenting Styles, Explained

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