EP 20 – Are Pinterest Moms Real? – Living Up To Our Vision Board Dreams

EP 20 - Are Pinterest Moms Real? - Living Up To Our Vision Board Dreams

Pinterest has taken over as the #1 place to create vision boards of what we want our lives to look like. When it’s time to have kids, we moms pin everything from cute meals to extravagant learning activities. But are Pinterest moms real? Does anyone live up to their Pinterest hopes and dreams?

In this episode, we’re discussing what our own vision boards of motherhood looked like and where we fall short. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s definitely that finding the time and patience to create Pinterest-worthy fun is so much more challenging than those pins would have you believe.

What We’re Sipping On this Episode:

Josh Cellars – Cabernet Sauvignon – Because we’re still all in #TheRona, it’s another two wine episode. Sasha is sipping one of her favorite brands. This Cab Sav is described as having “flavors of blackberry, toasted hazelnut and cinnamon, complemented by hints of vanilla and toasted oak.” You’ll never hear Sasha complain about Josh wines. It also comes in at 13.9% ABV so it’s Sasha and Shara approved!

Menage a Trois – Silk – The makers of Menage a Trois are definitely going for “sexy” wines. This wine is described as having “alluring fragrances of violets and berries…and ripe raspberries, with such a delicate touch of rose petals and toasty spice, you’ll experience a thrill like no other.” Shara says she’s gets all of that! She can taste the cherry and the tang of the raspberries. With 13.7% ABV it’s a good wine to drink!

About the Episode:

In this episode the ladies reconcile their vision board of parenting – aka their Pinterest boards – with what type of parent they actually are. Both Sasha and Shara envisioned themselves as the type of moms that came up with fun learning activities and made cute meals. Shara even attempted to create her Pinterest dreams during this #rona quarentine but quickly realized that it’s a lot of work. And that her son wasn’t that interested!

The Takeaway:

Social media creates the expectation that our children should have the perfectly Instagram curated life with picture-perfect fun. The reality is that very few moms achieve that. And none achieve it on a daily basis! Don’t try to live up to the Pinterest hype! Your kids care more about the time they spend with you versus what they spend doing with you anyway.

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