EP 21 – Am I A Good Mom? Dealing with Mom Guilt

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No matter how many times you may hear these things, they simply are NOT true. ⁠Had a C-section? You are a warrior.⁠ Didn’t instantly bond with your baby? Totally normal. It will happen, in time.⁠ Breastfeeding is hard AF! Some people may have to exclusively pump. Some may have to formula feed. Who cares?! Fed is best. ⁠Every kid is different. There is no way to know exactly what to do in every parenting situation. Unfortunately, there isn’t a parenting manual.

In this episode, we’re discussing the “baby blues”, postpartum depression, and all the feelings that contribute to that feeling of “mom guilt”. Motherhood is hard! It’s not always glitz and glam. Don’t feel guilty for having a bad day or week.⁠

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

Menage a Trois Pinot Grigio – Sasha is not happy that she is “forced” to sip on a white wine this week, but because of #TheRona, it’s the only wine she has in the house! This wine is described as having “bright fruit flavors, and zippy aromas.” Sasha would say that all white wines are summer wines. This one was slightly too sweet for her taste but still a decent white. It also comes in at 13.5% ABV which is of course, Sasha approved.

About the Episode:

This episode covers the very real topic of “mom guilt”. From the day a woman finds out she might be pregnant, mom guilt starts. One in nine women will experience depression after having a baby and mom guilt plays a huge role in that. There’s a constant struggle of wanting to be the “best” mom you can be and feeling like a failure at the same time.

The Takeaway:

If your child is clothed, fed, and happy (most of the time), then you are doing a good job. If you are experiencing mom guilt, you are not alone. We can’t compare ourselves to the idealized version of what a mom should be.

Resources from this Episode:

CDC – Depression Among Women

7 Ways to Deal With Mom Guilt

Postpartum Depression Statistics

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