EP 22 – The Wisdom of Our Mothers – How the Mother-Daughter Relationship Changes with Kids

EP 22 - The Wisdom of Our Mothers - How the Mother-Daughter Relationship Changes with Kids - Podcast Cover - Mother, Daughter, Grandmother - www.swirlandsippodcast.com

We heard it all the time growing up – “wait until you have your own kids!” We don’t realize how much our mothers knew (or didn’t know) until we because moms of our own. Having a child can fundamentally change your relationship with your own mother. Some of us are fortunate enough to have mothers that respect our parenting choices, while others are habitual line steppers.

In this episode, we’re discussing all about how that mother-daughter relationship changes once a grand-baby arrives. Whether you go to your own mom or Google first, there’s a lot to be gained from the wisdom of our mothers.

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

Woodbridge Wines – Cabernet Sauvignon – This episode is another 2-wine special! Sasha started with the Woodbridge Wines Cab Sav. According to the website this Cab Sav has flavors of “berries, toasted marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker follow with a toasty caramel finish“. She definitely agrees with the taste of s’mores and it’s a Shara and Sasha approved wine at 13.5% ABV.

19 Crimes – Uprising Red Blend – Shara is sipping on a newly favorite brand, 19 Crimes Uprising Red Blend. This wine is described as “bright raspberry fruit and plush tannin structure…blackberry fruits…spice and fruit sweetness on the palate.” Shara is slowly becoming a fan of aged wines. We’re both a fan of 19 Crimes wines and this one is no different.

About the Episode:

This episode is all about the ladies relationships with their mothers. Having a child can drastically change the relationship you have with your own mother. Sasha and Shara are both lucky enough to have good relationships with their own moms and it didn’t change much once their sons arrived.

The Takeaway:

At the end of the day, our mothers were the ones who raised us. We now know there is of course, no handbook and our mothers did the best they could with the resources they had. As you become a mother, you start to appreciate what it takes to be a mother and all the ups and downs that go along with it.

Resources from this Episode:

How Your Relationship Changes with Your Mom After You Have Kids

How Children Change the Mother Daughter Relationship

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