EP 203 – Mommy Unfiltered – Why Moms Who Curse Are Our People

Make sure the little ones are in a different room when you play this episode! We’re talking all about cursing – should women (and especially moms) do it? Some people think it is unbecoming of a woman to throw out a f-bomb every now and then. What about the thought that only uneducated people curse (because they don’t know other words). With two master degrees over here, we know that’s not true! Is cursing only a “privilege” for men or women without kids?⁠ In this episode we’re discussing our thoughts and experiences with being cursing women and moms…who really don’t give a f*ck if you curse too!

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

Rodney Strong: Merlot – Described as “lush with predominate notes of blackberries, black cherry and plum with a hint of dried herbs.“, we’re both fans of this Merlot. Shara appreciates the soft tannins, whereas Sasha didn’t have a strong opinion about the wine. In fact, Sasha thought this Merlot was on the slightly sweeter side. At 14% ABV it’s still Sasha and Shara approved and would probably be a favorite whether you like sweet or drier wines.

About the Episode:

Moms are judged in so many ways and one of the more controversial ways is in how we speak. There are STRONG opinions on whether moms should curse at all, let alone around their kids. So we’re diving into how we feel about cursing in general and why we need to stop shaming moms who drop a few f-bombs now and then.

Resources from this Episode:

Pop Sugar – ? ??????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???? ?*????? ????

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