EP 216 – Those Who Matter – Resolving Conflicts with Our Friends

It’s been said that maintaining friendships with other women can be quite difficult. Unfortunately, there may be a time or two that you have a conflict with a female friend. Some friendships come to an end for one reason or another while others are meant to stand the test of time. 

In this episode, we’re chatting with the last member of our #WineNight Crew, Alisa of Cosmo Crush. You’ve heard Shara and Sasha mention, Lisa, as their go-to hairstylist, but Lisa is also a super close friend to both ladies. Lisa has been a licensed cosmetologist for a little over eight years with a little over 15 years of experience in the industry. Out of all of us, Lisa is the go-to for checking us and the first to have our backs!

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

Dark Horse: Sauvignon Blanc – Described as having “vibrant notes of grapefruit, zesty lime and green characteristics“, Shara and Sasha weren’t sure if we had even had this wine before. While we both love the Dark Horse brand, we weren’t huge fans of this wine. Most importantly, at only 13% ABV we can’t give it the Sasha and Shara stamp of approval. It’s definitely on the fruitier side but still slightly drier. Shara describes it as a refreshing and definite summer wine.

About the Episode:

Out of the whole wine night crew, Lisa and Sasha are the two that have bumped heads the most. While they may not always see eye-to-eye, they’ve made it a point to always talk out their problems and resolve any issue. Conflicts in any relationship can be challenging, but within a friend group, they can sometimes be hard to overcome. In this episode, we talk about how we deal with our friend conflicts and when we decide it’s time to let friends go.

Episode Transcript

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