EP 220 – New Year, Same Us

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It’s a 2021 and it’s been off to a rocky start…BUT good news – we are still the same Sasha & Shara! Are you into goal setting? Do you choose a work of the year? How do you use your word throughout the year?

In today’s episode, we’re discussing goal setting, planners, and vision boards. We’re not really into resolutions but we do set intentions and there’s definitely a path we see ourselves on.

What We’re Sipping On This Episode: ⁠

Boodry Vineyards Vidal Blanc – In an effort to get more whites into the rotation, we’re branching out with a Vidal Blanc. This wine is described as having “an alluring aroma of cantaloupe, pineapple, caramel, and orange” with a “clean semi-sweet finish balanced by refreshingly crisp acidity.” It took a minute for us to decide if we actually liked this wine. Sasha decided that she actually does like it while Shara remained pretty undecided but said it could get a place on the shelf. It is not Sasha and Shara approved since it’s only 11.7% ABV.

About the Episode:

Every year, millions of people set new year resolutions and every year millions fail in reaching them. We don’t think that resolutions should be a thing. For us, setting intentions and having a word of the year helps us guide what we want our year to be. In this episode, we talk about our word of the year and goals we have for 2021.

Episode Transcript

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