EP 223 – The Privilege of Choice – Deciding Between Public and Private School

EP 223 - The Privilege of Choice - Deciding Between Public and Private Schools

Shara and Sasha are both lucky enough to have a choice when it comes to sending their boys to school. We both recognize that having that choice is an immense privilege. Some parents make huge sacrifices to get their kids into better schools, both public and private. Either by moving to more expensive districts or choosing pricey private schools.

What We’re Sipping On This Episode: ⁠

Noble Vines – 515 – Vine Select Rose – Finally, another Rose has made the list and it’s really for our listeners! We’ve had this brand before but you all know that Rose are few and far between in our rotation. Described as “a traditional, dry style that prizes bright acidity, mouth-filling texture and freshness…Aromas of strawberry and peach follow through to the palate and complement a round, medium-bodied mouth feel. The elegant structure bright acidity and light tannins contribute to a long, fresh, clean finish.” It’s pretty much a classic Rose. Sasha felt it was very tangy while Shara felt that it was soaked in strawberries. We never drink our whites and Roses the right way and Sasha thinks that this would taste much better if it was chilled with frozen strawberries. We both agreed it’s a brunch wine. And of course, it’s Sasha and Shara approved at 13.5% ABV.

About the Episode:

Today, we are discussing the options we have for our children. Private School vs. Public School. ⁠Which is the better option for your family, budget, and lifestyle?⁠ Have you moved to a certain location solely based on the school system? ⁠Did you discuss how your children would be educated with your partner prior to having them?⁠ There’s a lot that factors into choosing your child’s education.

Episode Transcript

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