EP 225 – Raising Kings Part II – Raising Black & Brown Sons From a Mothers Perspective

EP 225 - Raising Kings Part II - Raising Black & Brown Sons From a Mothers Perspective

We’ve made it to our Season 2 finale! This week is a continuation of our conversation from EP 224 – Raising Kings Part I. Being mothers of Black and brown sons is not for the faint of heart. There’s a constant worry about the world we’re raising our boys in. We’re also trying to find a balance to make sure they aren’t raised in fear.

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

The Federalist – Honest Red Blend – We’re closing out the season with a red (because you already knew that’s what it was going to be!). We went with a red blend that’s Sasha and Shara approved at 15% ABV! The wine is described as having a “rich, round mouth feel with lush black currant flavor and the subtlest hint of North Coast, California spice.” This is a five-part blend with all the wines that Sasha loves! Shara could taste the spice but doesn’t it doesn’t linger as a rich wine for her. As a blend of a lot of dry wines, it didn’t taste super dry to Sasha but she was a fan.

About the Episode:

In our final episode of Season 2, we’re talking about our own thoughts when we found out we were having sons and our hopes and dreams for our boys’ futures. We’ve talked a lot about what it means to raise little Black and Brown boys, and it’s not something we take lightly. One of the things that Black and Brown mothers are tasked with is guiding our boys to be able to navigate the harsh realities that face them as they get older while still allowing them to be children.

Episode Transcript

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