EP 301 – Making Money Moves – Celebrating All The Boss Moves We Make!

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It’s finally here – Season Three!!!! We’re excited to kick off season three of the podcast and we’re starting with celebrating all the ways women make money moves! If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that women are phenomenal at the hustle game! 

Did you know that in the last 20 years, the number of women-owned businesses has increased by 114%?! And the number of businesses owned by women of color has grown over 163% in the last 45 years, women in business statistics estimate.

With all of the struggles that we have to endure as women, it’s amazing to see so many women showing up and making money for themselves, employing members of the community, and taking care of their families. We no longer have to choose between having a family or a career. 

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

Menage a Trois – Gold – We’re in a celebratory mood to kick off Season 3 so we wanted a celebratory wine! All of the wines we’re sipping on this season are Sasha and Shara approved with at least 13.5% ABV and this one comes in right at the cut-off! This Chardonnay was surprisingly good (at least for Sasha who actually chilled it before drinking). According to the website, it has “an irresistible fragrance of crème brulée, honeyed pineapple, and exotic floral notes … and on the palate, a wealth of ripe tropical fruit flavors meld with luxurious French vanilla and hints of sweet spice before culminating in a smooth, buttery finish.” Shara could smell the creme brulee in the wine and Sasha was pleasantly surprised with the flavor.

About the Episode:

In our Season 3 kickoff, we wanted to celebrate the many, many ways woman hustle hard and how it’s a challenge for women to stay ahead. The pandemic has disproportionately affected women and their money-making ability but we’ve been able to still push ahead.

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Women Entrepreneur Statistics

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