EP 307 – Positive Parenting – Why We Yell

As a parent, it can be draining to deal with our kids’ frustration, emotions, and energy. But have you ever considered that they act out because they do not have the words or reasoning to express how they are feeling? Kids have BIG EMOTIONS and it can be a struggle trying to decipher what is truly going through their minds. Positive parenting can be a challenge when it comes to dealing with children’s emotions.

Have you found yourself getting frustrated with your children because they don’t listen to you? Have you gotten so frustrated that you’ve YELLED at them? Do you feel guilty afterward, but it’s all you know? Unfortunately, many of us grew up in homes full of yelling and screaming. It was the norm at the time. As a result, we’ve become yelling parents. It’s generational.

What We’re Sipping On This Episode:

7 Moons Red Blend – We’ve been on a red blend kick lately which is what we’re sipping on today. This wine is described as having “aromas of chocolate-covered cherries, baking spices, and vanilla bean. Flavors of strawberry preserves, cherry cola, and milk chocolate…” Shara can taste all the notes of this wine while Sasha can taste the hints of cherry cola. According to Shara it tastes almost like baking chocolate – it has hints of sweet and bitter tastes and has all the hints of a dessert without the sugar because it’s not sweet.

About the Episode:

In today’s episode, we’re talking with special guest Amanda Rueter, a trained Mental Health Therapist turned Parenting Coach about positive parenting at Messy Motherhood. As a Mom and recovering yeller herself, Amanda knows what it’s like to lose it on your kids. With over 18 years of experience working with children and families and her insights, tools, and gentle guidance, Amanda has been able to help thousands of parents around the world stop the yelling and create amazing relationships with their kids. Amanda is a nomadic military wife and Mom to two boys (11 and 8yrs).

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