About Us

With over a decade of friendship, we decided it was time to share a podcast that keeps it real! We’re talking our journeys of going through all the hoods – womanhood, wife-hood, and motherhood – all with a glass of wine in hand. There’s nothing off the table and we talk about the real side of being a woman and trying to balance it all!

Meet Sasha

As 1/2 of The Swirl and Sip team, Sasha is definitely someone that keeps it real! She’ll be the first to tell you that she doesn’t have much of a filter and pretty much always tells it like it is. An only child, Sasha grew up in a military household but managed to stay in the DC Metro area since birth. She considers herself a proud Puerto Rican and woman! While working a full-time job, she’s also the owner of her own lifestyle brand and online shop – Creations By Sasha. When she’s not busy trying to do #allthethings, you can find her planning her next trip with her hubby and curling up with a good book.

Sasha met her hubby the summer before her senior year of high school at their mutual best friend’s (unbeknownst to them) house and they’ve been together ever since – going on 17 years! They’ve had their fair share of trials and tribulations but have made it through stronger than ever before. They married in 2016 and have a 2-year old son.

Meet Shara (pronounced Sharay)

The other 1/2 of The Swirl and Sip team – Shara tells it like it is while trying while telling you exactly why it is! As a social worker by day, she knows the ins and outs of why we sometimes act the way we do and is always giving the best advice on how to communicate with every and any one. Shara grew up in the heart of DC and rocks for the it hard! When she’s not busy trying to do #allthethings, you can find her living her best life cooking up and amazing meal and spending quality time with her family.

Shara met her hubby at the “illustrious” North Carolina A&T State University. After some years of doing the long-distance thing while she was at NYU for grad school, they settled down back in their home in the DC Metro area. They got married in 2015 and also have a 2-year old son and will soon celebrate 12 years of being together!

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