EP 307 – Positive Parenting – Why We Yell

As a parent, it can be draining to deal with our kids' frustration, emotions, and energy. But have you ever considered that they act out because they do not have the words or reasoning to express how they are feeling? Kids have BIG EMOTIONS and it can be a struggle trying to decipher what is truly going through their minds. Positive parenting can be a challenge when it comes to dealing with children's emotions. Have you found yourself getting ...

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EP 306 – Blended to Perfection – Managing a Blended Family

A family embodies many things, but it doesn't always have to be blood… Did you marry someone with kids? Maybe you both came into a relationship with kids of your own? Or perhaps you adopted? How do you manage multiple scheduled? Co-parenting? Resentful children? Regardless of the struggles, a blended family is a beautiful thing. No matter how a family comes together, the transition can be a challenge for both parents and children. What We’re ...

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EP 302 – When The Dust Settles – Surviving the 4th Trimester

The 4th trimester is the transitional period between birth and 12 weeks postpartum. It is a time of great physical and emotional change as your baby adjusts to the world, and you adjust to life as a mother. There are so many things that we don't know about raising kids until we actually bring the baby home. Surviving the 4th trimester can often feel isolating and confusing as we learn how to navigate the new world of parenthood. What We're ...

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EP 225 – Raising Kings Part II – Raising Black & Brown Sons From a Mothers Perspective

We've made it to our Season 2 finale! This week is a continuation of our conversation from EP 224 - Raising Kings Part I. Being mothers of Black and brown sons is not for the faint of heart. There's a constant worry about the world we're raising our boys in. We're also trying to find a balance to make sure they aren't raised in fear. What We’re Sipping On This Episode: The Federalist – Honest Red Blend - We're closing out the season with a ...

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EP 224 Raising Kings Part I – Raising Black & Brown Sons from A Dad’s Perspective

How do you feel about raising black and brown sons in today's society?⁠ The harsh reality is the world we live in is not safe for black and brown men. Unfortunately, the color of their skin is an automatic strike against them.⁠ ⁠ Are you fearful for your son's future? What are you doing to prepare them for life in this world as a man of color?⁠ As a father, do you have different wants and fears for your sons? What We’re Sipping On This ...

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EP 223 – The Privilege of Choice – Deciding Between Public and Private School

Shara and Sasha are both lucky enough to have a choice when it comes to sending their boys to school. We both recognize that having that choice is an immense privilege. Some parents make huge sacrifices to get their kids into better schools, both public and private. Either by moving to more expensive districts or choosing pricey private schools. What We’re Sipping On This Episode: ⁠ Noble Vines – 515 – Vine Select Rose - Finally, another ...

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