EP 03 – Instructions Not Included…Finding Our Way In Parenthood

We all know that becoming a parent is not something you can really prepare for. We're all left wondering if we're doing things the right way. Not only does parenthood change us, but it changes our relationships with our partners. In this episode, we discuss how having our sons changed our marriages and the things we hope to teach them as they grow. Whether it's changing communication styles or breaking the cycle of toxic masculinity, ...

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EP 02 – Adjust, Adapt, Repeat – Adjusting to Life as a Wife and Mom

Which is harder - becoming a wife or becoming a mom? The answer may be pretty straightforward for some but making the adjustment to any new role can be a challenge. In this episode, we discuss how we made the adjustment to becoming wives and moms and the role that we found harder to adapt to. We're talking taboos of not feeling that instant motherly love and how hard it is to be a wife after becoming a mom.  What We're Sipping ...

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