Anti-Racism & LGBTQ Resources

You posted your β€œblack out photo” on social media for #blackouttuesday to show a well-intended expression of solidarity with the black community. And while that’s an important first step, if that’s all you’re doing, you need to do more. For white people in America, the first step is to listen, and then seek greater knowledge about our country’s deeply rooted racism. For white people who are interested truly being intentional about the work of anti-racism, the below are a list of resources to help aid in that effort. This is not meant to be a “be all, end all” list. We encourage you to pick at least one book, article, podcast, or movie, and pick an accountability buddy to talk to and about what you are learning.

Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies

First Listen, Then Learn – Anti-Racism Resources for White People

Monique Melton – Anti-Racism Educator

Artic – Anti-Racist Trama Informed Care

Teaching Social Justice Resource Exchange

Racism Scale

Find Your Voice and Inspire Others

American School Counselor Association Race & Equity Resources

Anti-Racism Resources for All Ages

Diverse Books for Children

Addiction and Mental Health in the Transgender Community

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