EP 07 – The Family We Choose – Shaping the In-Law Relationship

Parents...we've all got them. Having healthy relationships with our own parents can be a challenge but when they turn into in-laws...the whole game is flipped! What do you do when his mamaΒ reallyΒ ain't feeling your new role in his life. Or when your dad does the unexpected pop-up without notice?! In this episode, we're talking our relationships with our in-laws and how we manage the relationships we have with the folks that raised our ...

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EP 06 – #BrownLove

What comes to mind when you see #blacklove? The hashtag exists because positive examples of successful Black relationships need to be seen. The media doesn't always portray what many couples are experiencing. But when only 1/2 of that couple is black, do you still fall into that #blacklove space?Β Is #brownlove a thing?In this episode, we have our first guests Ashleigh and Rajesh, to talk about what it means to be in an interracial relationship ...

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EP 05 – But You Say She’s Just A Friend

"But you say she's just a friend...". In 2020 how do really feel about our partners having friends of the opposite sex? Some will say they have no problem with it while others insist that men and women can't be "just friends".In this episode, we discuss why being open to your partner having opposite sex friendships can actually be a good thing for you and Sasha's own struggle with being the only girl member of her friend group.  What ...

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EP 04 – Who Needs A Maid When I’ve Got You?! How to Manage a Home Together

How do you manage who takes care of what at home? Are you a "Susie Homemaker" or are you bringing home the bacon? Or both? Modern marriages mean that sometimes those gender roles no longer apply. In this episode, we discuss how we we divide up the chores in our households are why it works for us. Sometimes that means the hubby does the laundry while we manage the finances. But however it's broken down, finding a system that works can ...

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EP 03 – Instructions Not Included…Finding Our Way In Parenthood

We all know that becoming a parent is not something you can really prepare for. We're all left wondering if we're doing things the right way. Not only does parenthood change us, but it changes our relationships with our partners. In this episode, we discuss how having our sons changed our marriages and the things we hope to teach them as they grow. Whether it's changing communication styles or breaking the cycle of toxic masculinity, ...

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EP 01 – That Decade on Decade Type Love – Relationships That Go The Distance

Relationships ain't easy and being with the same person for years and years can be a challenge. Growing up and growing old with someone takes skill - and wine! In our first episode, meet the ladies behind Swirl & Sip and hear about how we've managed to find ourselves in relationships that have been at least a decade long. We talk about how we met, growing up with our partners, and get real on what it means to in relationships with ...

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